The East of the West

Fire, love, wine and art up the hill of Vál

It has something to do with Burning Man Festival. And the place looks way better than Nevada desert.

5 years ago, at the Burning Man festival a stunning piece of art caught the attention of the world.

The „Love sculpture” by Alexander Milov has a wire frame of a man and a woman, sitting back-to-back, while inside them the “inner children” are reach out and long for each other.

The message is complex but everyone get it in a way, and its photos appeared in the media all over the world, including the popular online magazine Bored Panda.

Then the sculpture was bought by an Argentinian-American businessman, Carlos Coelho, it and shipped it to Hungary to set it up in his vineyard named Haraszthy.

So now it is on a hill, among grapes, theoretically in a private property, but open to the public as anybody can walk to it.

In the past couple of years in the spring and/or fall fire a special event is held at the sculpture.

At the sunset a large bonfire is lighted, while people sipping wines, eating gulyás soup, celebrating love and enjoying being together.

No wonder, that more and more people come to the special event, this fall there were about 500.

As for the practical side: the picturesque venue is near a village called Vál, 50 kilometers from Budapest.

You can come here by car, but in this case you – or somebody who drives – cannot taste the wine, which is an important factor of the program.

Alternatively, you can take the public transport from Budapest. It is a bit uncomfortable, as you must change here and there but it is a feasible option.