The East of the West

Hungarian film wins Paris Cinema festival

It is first time in the history of Paris Cinema festival that a Hungarian film wins its main award.

At the same time it must be said this is not a complete surprise, because Bence Fliegauf’s film called „Just the Wind” earlier collected the Silver Bear at the Berlinale and the Council of Europe’s FACE award at the Istanbul Film Festival.

The film was inspired by a series of racist attacks against gipsy families in Hungary in which some people died.

The film tells a story of one day of a Hungarian gipsy family in the shadow of the attacks in question.

In spite of the international success the film is rather unknown is Hungary, partly because of its artistic form, partly because of its topic.

The “gipsy issue” is quite a sensitive topic in Hungary that is generally discussed in terms of liberal hypocrisy or undisguised racism.

Remark: I have not seem the film yet. But I should.

Just the Wind at IMDB