The East of the West

Bruce Willis dies hard in Hungary

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis started to shoot the 5th episode of Die Hard series (A Good Day to Die Hard) in Budapest in April.

Bruce Willis is working in the center of Budapest

Director John Moore is giving instructions to actors Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney and Sebestian Koch.

The work takes 86 days.

Bruce Willis and his stand-in

Due to the shooting, streets of Budapest are periodically closed making the traffic of the Hungarian capital even more crazy.

David Willis, Bruce Willis’ brother is also in Budapest

Photographers occasionally manage to take photos of Bruce Willis on the spots, and the media covers the shooting and the related backstage events on regular bases.

A real action: this building was accidentally burned out during shooting

Some days ago it was a headline that a prop-building caught fire, earlier the word’s biggest cargo helicopter arrived from Belarus to be a part of the episode. 

Gian cargo helicopter M26 arrived from a Ministry of Belarus to have an uncertain role in the film

Photos: MTI