The East of the West

Have you seen them? Did you like them? – Photos of the Venice Biennale 2022

And some tips how you can visit the words’ biggest contemporary exhibitions.

On 27 November, Biennale Arte, the world’s biggest art show closed its gates in Venice. If you happened  to miss it, or just want to refresh your memory I have some photos of the works on display.

For the first time we visited Biennale Arte in 2017. We loved it so much we decided to be visitors on every occasion.

So we came again in 2019 but after that the pandemic came so we could return only this year.

Over the years we developed a routine. We rent an accommodation in Mestre, it is much cheaper than Venice, and take the public transport to go Piazzale Roma.  Then we walk or take a vaporetto (water bus), depending the weather and our mood.

We spend one full day at Arsenale and another full day at Giardini.

Is it enough? Definitely not, but if you wanted to take it really seriously, you could spend weeks discovering paintings, objects, videos, sculptures, installations, etc.

2022 was the first year we bought the 370-page guidebook. And it was worth it: it is easier to get clues for the art works, and it makes our visit – sounds  odd, but this is the truth – more efficient.

The title or slogan of the 2022 Biennale was “Milk of Dreams”  focusing on the body, the metamorphoses of body, the posthuman age, the prehistoric and post-historic perspectives, the surrealism and many more. You had better watch the photos.

Nearly all the artists were female or “gender non-conforming”, which is understood as a new approach or a kind of compensation for the history, however, I am not sure it helps the overall artistic quality or the diversity itself.

But I am just an outsider who knows only one thing for sure: I will visit the Biennale in 2024.