The East of the West

Those beautiful Hungarian libraries

Some of them were built in the middle ages.

Some days ago a remarkable photo series was published by the state-run Hungarian news agency MTI.

Its photographer (Csilla Cseke) traveled around the country and took pictures of the most beautiful or significant libraries in the country.

Most of them were build in the 19th century which was a golden age of the Hungarian history but some are much older.

Anyway, you can visit these places as a tourist as well.

The library of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest was the first building in the county which was built for storing books in 1876. Now it is scientific institute and a public library as well.
The only one baronial library that has survived the turbulent Hungarian history. Count György Festetics in Keszthely build an entire wing to his palace for his books in 1782.
The Oriental part of the library in Hungarian Scientific Academy (MTA). It opened with the academy in 1831.
The reading-room in the Parliament library in Budapest. It was established in 1860s to support the legislative work of the MPs.
Benedictine Abby is Pannonhalma has the oldest library in Hungary. According to historic documents in the 11th century they had 80 books, while in the 18 century this number was 4000. Today they store around 400,000 volumes, which are the part of the national heritage. It is an UNESCO site as well.
The library in the college of Reformed Church was born on the 16 the century in Sárospatak, east Hungary.
Reading-room at Széchényi Ferenc National Library in Budapest. The institute was funded by count Széchényi Ferenc in 1802 with 13,000 volumes of books, and more than 1200 maps, prints, coins, etc. Now, you can find it in Buda castle.
The library of Szeged University was founded in 1921. This new block was built in 2004.
Zirc library
A book from the 17th century in the library of Cistercians in Zirc, which stores hundreds of books like this. The monastery was built in the 17th century.