The East of the West

Will Smiths shooting in Budapest streets

The Gemini Man will come out in the fall of 2019.

Hungarian commercial channel RTL managed to video Will Smiths working in Budapest. At the moment the Hollywood star is shooting his new movie Gemini Man.

The scene in the video is Szabadsag square, the very centre of the Hungarian capital, next to the US embassy and just some streets away from the Parliament.

According to Will Smiths is shooting the film for three weeks and after that he will stay in Budapest for a while to get involved in post-production.

A star seems to enjoy the city, the Lebanese restaurant Baalbek posted this image yesterday.

There is very little to know about Gemini Man yet. Its genre is described as science fiction action thriller and it is due out in fall 2019.

The core of the plot is: An aging legendary assassin seeking to exit his career finds himself going against a younger clone of himself, who can predict his every move.