The „Gateway to Space” is open until 15 March.

A unique exhibition was opened on 15 January in Millenáris Park in Budapest.

The visitors can learn about the theory of space travel, the first dreamers or the Space Race, watch genuine moon rocks, meet replicas of legendary objects, experience the space with the help of different simulators.

You can visit a space station too, in Millenáris.

You can visit a space station too, in Millenáris. (MTI photo)

You can also find pieces that are related to Hungary.

For instance, not many people know that the moon buggy, which was used in the Apollo program and left on the Moon, had a tire whose tread patters were Hungarian technical solutions.

Hungarian Astronaut Bertalan Farkas also made an appearance at the opening ceremony.

Exhibition of Space Travel in Budapest

The exhibition presents the milestones of space traveling. (MTI Photo)

The 3000 m2 exhibition belongs to the American Space and Racket center, and before Budapest it was on display in Udine, Copenhagen, Praha and Brussels.

Source: MTI and official website (English)