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Toll Roads in Hungary: With a 2016 map

On January, 2016, the map of the Hungarian toll roads changed a little.

Two new speedway sections entered the pay system: the M43 motorway between Mako and the Romanian border and a new M85 section in west of the country.

It means that presently the official Hungarian toll road map looks like this:

Source: Hungarian National Toll Payment Services
Source: Hungarian National Toll Payment Services – Click the map to enlarge

As far as the system is concerned in Hungary the so called e-vignettes (electric sticker) are used for passenger cars, motorbikes, etc.

The network operator company National Toll Payment Services PLC (NÚSZ Zrt.) runs customer service offices here and there across the country but the easiest way to get an e-vignette is to visit a regular gas station before you start your journey on a speedway.

Be prepared that you must dictate your license plate number to the seller at the counter.

Practically all of the gas stations sell e-vignettes, which exist only in digital format, which means you do not get any real stickers or the like, only a receipt that you must keep.

You can buy 10-day, monthly and annual national e-vignettes and annual regional ones.

The 2016 prices are as follows:

D1M (motorcycles) 1 470 HUF
D1 (motorcycles, ≤ 3,5 t automibiles for up to 7 persons and their trailers) 2 975 HUF 4 780 HUF 42 980 HUF 5 000 HUF
D2 (automobiles not included in category D1, for more than 7 persons, ≤ 3,5 t cargo vehicles and campers) 5 950 HUF 9 560 HUF 42 980 HUF 10 000 HUF
U (trailers of vehicles in categories D2 and B2) 2 975 HUF 4 780 HUF 42 980 HUF 5 000 HUF
B2 (Bus) 13 385 HUF 21 975 HUF 199 975 HUF 20 000 HUF

For the alternative options (online purchase, etc. ) and further details click here.