The East of the West

National Gallop in Budapest

A lady rider Jennifer Vass won this year’s National Gallop in Hungary. The lady represented Budapest Ferencváros in this unique race that takes place every year in Heroes’ Square.

Some years ago I visited the Italian town Sienna. In this picturesque historic town every year there is a horse race called Palio.

Ten horses and ten riders representing ten districts compete in the main square of Sienna two times a year.

The Palio, which is a combination of sport, patriotism and show, dates back to the middle ages.National Gallop, Budapest 2012National Gallop, Budapest 2012

When 4 years ago the organizers announced the launch of Hungarian National Gallop, the Palio came to my mind.

But the similarity is  perhaps just a coincidence.

The National Gallop takes place every year in Budapest’s Heros’ Square, which is converted into a huge racetrack.

The horses represent different Hungarian town and villages that volunteer to enter the competition.

The event this year was three days long (14-16 September) including a number of programmes and races.

Jennifer Vass Jennifer Vass leads the race

 A final winner of the this year is Jennifer Vass and her horse Cordoba.

They represented a Budapest district called Ferencváros.

Website of the Hungarian National Gallop