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Drink and watch: Visiting Laposa Winery in Badacsony

Yes, it is a pricey by Hungarian standards but you can get something really unique along with the wines. Take a look at these photos.

For some reason, we Hungarians believe that the whole world admires our wines, but the harsh reality is that outside Hungary very few people have any information about them.

Badacsony, Hungary, Laposa Winery

Recently I came across this article on Although the author’s picks are both subjective and random, it is not a bad start to get closer to Hungarian wines, specially if you read the comment section as well.

In case you spend your holiday near Lake Balaton and you are a wine lover, I recommend to visit Badacsony wine region, partly because of its wines, partly because of the magnificent view.

Badacsony, Hungary, Laposa Winery

You can combine these two nearly everywhere up the hill, which is actually a former volcano. Some days ago I visited Laposa Winery and took some photos of it so now I can illustrate what I am talking about.

Laposa is a relatively well know brand in Hungary, you can find the labels at any large supermarket, but sitting on their terrace is something different.

The view of Balaton down below, the grapes around you and some sips of the white wines will make you believe that you are in the right place at the right time.

Badacsony, Hungary, Laposa Winery

Be warned, Laposa Winery is not a restaurant so you better not plan your lunch or dinner here.  Although some “gourmet plates” of cheeses, sausages, hams, etc. are on offer, the focus is on the wines.

Practically you have two options: you can drink the wines the traditional way, I mean you order them by glasses, or you can chose the tasting  session, which includes 6 or 9 types of wines accompanied with some basic information about them presented by the waiters.

Badacsony, Hungary, Laposa Winery

The prices exceed the average Hungarian level, but you don’t care, neither did I, because you get something very special and very unique here.

The website of the winery is here, you can read the Tripadvisor comments, and check the current (2017) wine and food prices.