The East of the West

No, this is not a beauty contest, this is the Hungarian Olympic sword team

It is the first time when Hungarian ladies can go to the Olympics.

It is uncertain how the Olympic Games in Tokyo will take place, but it is sure that these beautiful young ladies will be there.

Liza Pusztai, Anna Márton, Sugár Battai Sugár and Renáta Katona after deafening the Ukrainian team. Photo: MTI/Tibor Illyés

The Hungarian women’s sword team managed to come in 7th at the Budapest World Cup, which means the team successfully qualified to the Games.

They have more reasons to be happy

The ladies are extra happy as their success came after some bad moment at the event, what is more, this is the first time that the Hungarian female sword team can go to the summer Olympics.

Hungarian women's Sword team
See you in Tokyo – MTI/Illyés Tibor

The quota means that three of them can enter the individual competitions in Tokyo.