Last year two accidents happened in Hungary that became international news, as they were caused by foreigners driving through the country

In August a Slovak ex-minister’s daughter killed 4 Hungarian people with her BMW X5 luxury SUV, and in October an Austrian Hummer killed a Hungarian policeman in an unclear road situation

Now, on January 6 a SUV with French registration number left its lane on Road 4 near Karcag and crashed into a Hungarian car coming from the opposite direction.

Hungarian car accident, 5 died

4 adults died on the spot and one baby also died in hospital some hours later. All of them had travelled in the Hungarian car.

The police arrested the driver of the French car, who has been reported to be a Moldavian citizen.

In the SUV nobody got hurt.

Latest information: Two of the victims were Romanian citizens, two Hungarian-Romanian citizens, who had lived in Hungary for years. There is no information about the baby.

Source and photo: Hungarian News Agency (MTI)