Here are the prices and some tips.

Some years ago I wrote a blog post about the Hungarian poll roads but since then so many things have changed that it is hight time to update the maps, the prices, and practically everything.

I organized the most essential information into 7 points focusing on passenger cars.

1. As a basic rule you must pay for using the Hungarian expressways (motorways, highways). There are some exceptions (ring roads around larger cities and stretches not connected to the national network.

Here is a map that specifies it.

 Hungarian toll roaqds

2. The system is consistent across the whole country: you must buy e-vignettes for the toll roads (D1 for passenger cars).

3. The e-vignettes are available on the internet, but perhaps it is faster and easier if you buy them at a gas station before you get on the expressway. (Nearly all of them sell them.)

4. When you buy the  e-vignette at the counter, the gas station assistant will ask for your licence plate number. Get ready for it.

5. Keep the receipt you get at the station. You can prove with it that you have bought the vignette. (The law says you must keep it for 2 years, however I have never been asked for the receipt.)

6. You can buy 10-day (2750 HUF*), 1-month (4450 HUF), 1-year (49.190 HUF) vignettes.

7. Some years ago the so called “county vignettes” were introduced. They are valid only for one county and for a calendar year. (They are mainly for local commuters (5720 HUF).

Useful links:

E-vignette information and purchase (state owned company)

Current prices and detailed information about the e-vignette system

  • 1 EUR is about 370 HUF and 1 USD is about 340 HUF