The East of the West

Bendegúz, the best bull rider in Europe

Everybody knows that Hungarians are good horse riders. They are good at bulls too. Now, it is official.

Some weeks ago the 19-year old David Lakatos, who uses the nickname “Bendegúz” won the title of the best European bull rider.

The competition took place in France, and the trophy means Bendegúz has a good chance to represent the old continent in the USA in 2014.

Dávid Lakatos (Bendegúz)Dávid Lakatos (Bendegúz)

If it really happens, he will be the first European who can participate in a professional bull riding competition in America.

Bendegúz’s name is a new in the international scene, but not in his homeland.

Ha started to ride a horse as early as 7, and he was only 12 when he first rode a bull.

Until new, the young guy has won the Hungarian championship twice.

Bendegúz in training

Now he is a school leaver at an agricultural vocational secondary school in Székeshehérvár, Hungary.

He would like to study agriculture at university, hut his big dream is to be a professional bull rider in the USA.