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Butterfly House in Vienna: Not a wander of the world but you should know about it

What is it?

Butterfly House is actually a kind of palm house where you can see a lot of tropical butterflies.

Where is it?

It is in Vienna, in the historic town centre, in a beautiful “art nouveau” building near the Opera.
Butterfly house, Vienna

What they say about themselves:

“As you walk around the butterfly house, under waterfalls and inside hollow trees, colourful live tropical butterflies will flutter around you.  Come and be transported into a magical world, right in the heart of Vienna.  Welcome to the “Schmetterlinghaus “, the Imperial Butterfly House, part of the Hofburg Palace, in the heart of central Vienna.” More.

Butterfly house, Vienna

Well, the thing is that we have been travelling to Vienna regularly for more then two decades but we heard about this attraction only a couple of months ago. Okay, I could be our fault.



The building has a nice garden (Burggarten) as well, where local people like to relax. Apart from the Butterfly House the building houses a popular restaurant with a large terrace too.  Sitting there you can taste the real Vienna as a side project.

If you don’t have high expectations, you will not been disappointed. Perhaps this is key for the place.

Walking along the path

Walking along the paths

The butterfly house needs about 30 minutes to visit, this time is enough to walk along the paths, climb up the stairs and watch the main characters of the place. They are of course the tropical butterflies that are big enough, although could be more colourful, but don’t tell it anyone.

Well fed butterflies

Well fed butterflies on the plates

The butterflies are apparently well fed. The reason for it is very simple. These animals are pretty restless, but the visitors pay not to watch them fly fast in zigzags. So they are given plates with proper food that makes them sit in order that you can take nice photos of them.

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