The East of the West

Why Pannonland?

Well, it is going to be my second post, and I still don’t want to do the real job; instead I am beating the bushes.

For example, I am explaining the blog title.

Actually, as far as I know, officially there is not a word like “Pannonland”.

At the same time I would not say that I invented it on my own.

I confess Pannonland comes from Pannonia, which was a province of the Roman Empire about two thousand years ago.

Geographically it included the present-day West-Hungary (Transdanubia), eastern Austria, parts of Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Hezegovina. (More details.)

Well, a long time has passed since that time, empires were born and buried, nations and countries appeared and disappeared, wars and peace periods followed each other, but I believe that the “pannon spirit” has stayed here.

I cannot give you the definition of it, I just feel it in the air, sometimes hidden along the country roads, sometimes very alive in the vineyards or o amongst old city buildings.

My plan is to introduce this Pannonland that I know quite well, because I grew up here, I travelled a lot here, while my eyes and hearth were open wide.

Yes, it is going to be a kind of tourist website, but, hopefully, gentle, intelligent, friendly, intimate, sincere and unique.

Just like Pannonia was a while ago.