If you are in Kőszeg don’t be surprised when you come across small stools functioning as mini shops.

The products to offer are usually home-grown flowers, plants, fruit or vegetables. But I have seen books and other stuff too.

The interesting point is that these shops don’t have sellers, instead there is a small metal box for the money.

Honesty cash box in Kőszeg (Photo: Pannonland.com)

Honesty cash box in Kőszeg (Photo: Pannonland.com)

You take the product you want and leave the price of it in the honesty cash box.

Nobody checks the amount or even the payment itself but it is considered extremely rude not to pay.

According to the sources this hundreds of years system works only in the Western Hungarian town Kőszeg, but it is not really true, in some neighboring villages (Velem, Cák, Lukácsháza stb.) you can also see honesty cash boxes in the streets.