The East of the West

Ian Fleming film shot in Budapest

On 28 January 2013 a film about Ian Fleming’s life was started to shoot in Budapest.

The biography movie will consist of four episodes with the title of “The man who would be Bond”.

Behind the project there is Sky Entertainment and its Hungarian partner Pioneer Pictures.

They have selected Hungary because its geographical location, professional actors and film making crews – said the director Mat Whitecross.

He added that Hungarian scenes can perfectly imitate France, Germany or London.
The film will recall the life of the James Bond’s creator whose early years were as adventurous and sexually active as of Agent 007.

It features actor Dominic Cooper as Ian Fleming, and Lara Pulver, Annabelle Wallis, Lesley Manville, Anna Chancellor, Samuel West and Rupert Evans also will star in “The man who would be Bond”.

Source: Hungarian News Agency (MTI)