The East of the West

Bridge to be built between Hungary and Slovakia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Slovak counterpart Robert Fico signed an agreement on Tuesday about building a new bridge between the two countries over the river Danube.

The bridge will have been built by 2016 or 2017 and as far as the costs are concerned they will go Dutch.
Komárom and  Slovak Komarno, which  used be one town, and can be a symbol as the improving relations between the two countries.

You can rear about this sensitive issue at Wikipediain details.

The two Premiers now sounded surprisingly rational and coolheaded.

They expressed their intention to improve the economic links of their countries. At the moment there are 28 border crossing points on the roads and they want this number to be 90.

“We will give a region boost” said Viktor Orbán, while Robert Fico described the meeting as “the constructive dialogues became a reality”.