The East of the West

Wrong directions

I have just read that according to Medián public opinion research body, 80 % of the Hungarian population think their country is going in a wrong direction.

Well, I am not quite sure that in Europe there are any “good directions” now, but this 80% ratio is pretty frightening.

Hungary has a rather bad reputation abroad these days, which is a bit misleading, because the general domestic opinion of wrong direction has very little to do with the other idea of wrong direction, which comes from outside. As fas as the later is concerned, the mainstream western media tend to give a very distorted image of Hungary influenced by the earlier left-wing ruling parties.

The truth is much more complex than clichés saying that there is no democracy here, we lack the freedom of press, the human rights and things like that. These allegations are simply not true.

Instead, try to imagine a conservative political power, which – based on 20 years of observation – has come to the conclusion that this country can not be managed by the traditional terms of democracy, free economy, etc., because these work only in a handful countries in the world – and Hungary does not happen to be among them.

So the present political power is practically experimenting now. Well, I believe this is not a bad thing itself.

The bad thing is that they do not seem to have found the directions and got lost somewhere in no man’s land.

Okay, people are right when they say this direction is wrong.

But where to go, if there is no way ahead, no way back.