The East of the West

Hungarian weather man illustrates winds with fart noises

Presumably, it was intended to be funny. Well, it is just embarrassing.

I do not want to bore you with the details of the Hungarian home politics, but it is worth noting that TV2 is one of the two leading commercial channels in Hungary, which was bought by the well known film producer Andy Vajna a couple of months ago.

Nowdays Vajna plays an important role in Orbán Victor’s government, so practically the channel became a kind of flagship of the ruling party’s political communication.

During the transitional period (TV2 had been owned by ProSiebenSat.1) numerous employees were fired, others left the new channel.

So it is not a big surprise that occasionally unexpected things happen here, but this weather forecast managed to surprise the viewers.

First the weather man announces that windy weather is coming then classifies the “types of the winds.”

According to the guy there are sudden, female, wet, powerful and secret winds, and to make it more specific, he illustrate the “winds” with massive fart noises and distinctive moves.

The channel immediately deleted the recording from its website but the video has already been uploaded to YouTube and it has started its carrier.